What makes Epic Image Photography different? - by Adam Kendall

There is no shortage of wedding photographers in the Chicagoland area. It can be challenging to decide which one to choose.  

I was a wedding client before I was a wedding photographer. In fact, I became motivated to become a wedding photographer after my wedding.

My wife and I were so disappointed with the entire experience of dealing with the photography company we chose and especially the terrible pictures and wedding album we received. Many couples are drawn to the wedding companies that they see advertised most often. Most of these "wedding photography companies" are actually agencies. They are the ones that tell you they have a large staff of photographers and they will match you up with the best photographer for your style. When actually you hire them and they hire out an independent photographer that is looking to fill an available weekend.

Working with companies like this is an impersonal experience for starters, but it is also an enormous gamble that they won't provide you with a sub par photographer and an unpleasant experience.  The portfolios on these site are usually highlights from various photographers. You may hire a company like this without haven seen your photographer's work.

So why not hire your photographer yourself, instead of an agency trying to book as many weddings as possible for that day?  

I said to myself that there has to be a better way. A wedding is one of the most important days in a couple's lives, and they entrust their photographer to capture them in a beautiful way!

Our Philosophy:

Customer Service - Your wedding photographer will be with you for almost your entire day. It's extremely important that you both have had a chance to get to know one another prior to your wedding day. This ensures that you will be comfortable and trusting of your photographer and that there is a mutual understanding of what kinds of memories will be captured. Your initial meeting with us will not be with a salesperson, in fact we don't have sales people.  We're just passionate photographers that would love to photograph your wedding.

You'll have a zero-pressure meeting with your main photographer, either myself or Lindsay. The goal of the meeting is allow you to get to know us personally and learn about what we offer. You will have direct communication with your photographer any time. Prior to your wedding, we offer the option to meet with us at your venues and/or location(s) you've picked out for your wedding party pictures. We would also sit down with you to work out a timeline for the day to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Style - We strive to capture the memories of your wedding in a way that will tell the story of your wedding. We want you to look at your wedding pictures and feel the emotions of each moment and recall the awesome feelings of your entire day. While we describe our style as truly photojournalistic, please take the time and review our wedding gallery to determine our style for yourselves and see if our style is what you want your wedding memories to be captured as.

Packages - There are no hidden fees in any of our wedding packages. They are designed to be simple and straightforward and provide an excellent value. They can also be further customized to better suit your needs.

Editing - Each and every picture that receive will be edited by your photographer. We color correct, enhance, crop, smooth skin and adjust anything else to ensure the best quality pictures we can provide. If you received a few great pictures that were in color, but want them in b/w too, no problem!

The bottom line is that we appreciate how important your wedding is to you, and it's also extremely important to us. If you choose us to be your photographer, please be assured that you are in good hands.

Best wishes and congratulations,

Adam Kendall
Epic Image Photography

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