Meet The Epic Team:

Adam Kendall

My first camera was a Polaroid, that much to dismay of my parents, I took everywhere with me (those cartridges weren't cheap) . Photography is my passion! After taking this passion to the next level while studying digital photography at the Art Institute, I had an inquiry from a friend to photograph her family. I quickly received a couple referrals which soon blossomed into a network of clients, and Epic Image Photography was born!

I love to capture those moments when your emotion is at it's purest and most beautiful!

I believe that when choosing your photographer for any event or photo session, a very personal approach is necessary. We are not a large company/agency that hires out photographers looking to fill open slots. All of our clients will work directly with their photographer. Epic Image Photography is a small team of serious professionals that have passion and love of their craft.

Adam is a lead photographer and photojournalist for weddings & events. He also loves capturing the special moments and beautiful portraits for your family and kids.

Lindsay Roggenbuck

I’ve loved photography for the majority of my life and I am usually never seen without my camera close at hand. I've studied at Richard Stromberg Chicago Photography. I love capturing moments in life and having pictures that take you back to a memory. I feel so blessed when people want me to be the one to capture that special time in their lives. I simply love doing what I do, and that is capturing every moment, in the most creative and stunning way possible.

Lindsay is a lead wedding photographer as well as a wedding photojournalist. She also specializes in family and children photography.

Nelson Tapias

I fell in love with photography around the time I fell in love with my newborn baby girl over 13 years ago.  As I began to capture her precious moments I learned that I love the technical side as much as just shooting.  I quickly became obsessed with my new craft and explored various types of photography such as nature, macro, sports, night, family and portraiture.  

As I grew into wedding photography, a photojournalistic style blended with my native artistic style has become my new passion.  

In all my photo sessions I aim to capture the beauty and energy of your special moments, helping you preserve your timeless memories.  A sly smile, a soft touch on a cheek, or a loving glance between two people; it’s the special moments I love capturing most.

Nelson is a lead wedding photographer and photojournalist for all types of events.  He also creates gorgeous family photographic memories.  

Tracy Crowley

My love of photography started with my love of travel. I've been all over the world and my camera has been my best companion. Capturing beautiful scenic images of my adventures was my initial love. But in studying photography at the Art Institute and working with Adam to help start Epic Image Photography, it has now blossomed into telling stories of love, excitement, and fun through the lens of my camera.

Tracy specializes in capturing beautiful and natural moments for your family and children. For weddings and events, her photojournalistic focus is perfect if you choose a second photographer.

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